In school we did another speaking test, I think we did well. After this we could do some exercises that we thought we needed to do, but we all were tired and it got harder and harder to motivate ourselves... It's time for the final examination now!

Stefan shoked us today, because he said he could not do the test with us, because his flight is on the 10th of March, like the second part of our test and he told us that it's not possible to change the flight... We need Stefan for the test, not only for the speaking part, we are a team now and we stayed the last 9 weeks together and we should bring it to an end together... Tomorrow we will know more if he really can't change the flight or if there is another possibility...

In the afternoon I got to know an American girl... I met her first in the elevator (we noticed each other but we did not speak...) and then I saw her sitting next to the pool when I was on the balcony and (I don't know why) I waved to her and went down to her and we talked for about 2 hours... It was nice for both, because she had to wait for her boyfriend and she could not go into her room, so she had to kill time... She is a graphic designer and she lives in Las Vegas... Maybe I will met her again when I'm there, we exchanged our email adresses....

In the evening we went line dancing with Christina, a teacher at ICC. And it was very boring (don't tell her). We went to a place with her to learn the dance and there were just old people. And she told us that we have to wear the cowboy hat she lent us and our cowboy boots and a skirt, and so we did! But we were the only one with these clothes and all the other thought that we must be very good... but we had no chance!

The only amusing thing was that we learned to dance to the song "staying alive" - it's a kind of an insider joke for my friends and me... a long story behind this song "ah - ah - ah - ah - stirnäabSmile". (<-- Schabä will understand!)

After this we met the local guys to eat in the Greek restaurant. We thought it would be very boring, but actually it was a funny evening and we had a good time, drank some wine and ate very well!

All in all I'm more relaxed... (not because of the wine) I started with the "However-Attitude" - in Swiss German Andrea and I would say to this the "Jänu - Iistellig"... And it is very helpful if everything outgrows....Laughing.

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