Our graduation in school was very nice. Our class and the FCE class was together in one class room and all the important people of the school came together. On the left is the director of the school, blondie I do not know, the girl in the middle is Sylvia (from the front desk) and the next one is Phil (teacher of the FCE class) and Ellen on the right.

All of us got a diplom and they had ordered pizza for us Smile.

We had prepared a little present for Ellen. A bag with a lot of very symbolic things. I bought her also a book about Switzerland and she seemed to like it a lot Smile. It was a very personal and creative present, I'm happy that she liked it.

What you can't see on this picture is what we put on the back of the guitar. A picture of us. Ellen said the whole 9 weeks long that we have to be "Strebers" (one of the words she knows in German Smile. And for one day we wanted to be her "Strebers" and not only this - we wanted to look like "Strebers" Smile. Easy job for me... Laughing

http://www.web557d.dynamic-net.ch/Joomla2/streber/streber.htm (mouse over effect)

But Phil did not get a lot of presents from his students, althought he is a very nice guy!!! He had a very difficult class... I'm thinking about something that I could give him tomorrow or an Saturday... It was not fair...

In the evening we did our last school activity. Salsa lesson - 4 students and Sandy. We went to a very nice club und there we had 1 hour salsa lesson. It was very funny because there were a lot of very nice, young girls and a lot of old men... and we had to dance with all of them, because we always had to rotate... and change the partner...

This was my first dancing partner, a real Hawaiian (as you can see) - Jimmy Humuhumunukunukuapua'a - or somethinglike this... Smile.

After the lesson we could practise what we learned... it was very niceSmile. We all danced a lot, but we did not stay for a long time because of our test tomorrow. We are very disappointed, because Sandy told us, that these salsa lessons are every Thursday and we did not know this... Frown.

Tomorrow will not be too hard, we just have our speaking and listening test. For all who wants to keep the finger crossed for me, the speaking test will be tomorrow around noon. So around 11 pm (Friday) in Switzerland. The listening test will be right after the speaking...

Reading, English in Use and Writing is an Saturday from 8.30 am to 4 pm (CH - Sa. 7.30 pm - So. 3 am)... Smile.

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