Today we did another stupid speaking exercise. Henceforth I will not use the word "stupid" before "speaking exercise", it should be clear now!

A little explanation of what exactly we had to do in the speaking exercise:

The task was to compare and contrast 2 or 3 pictures on a paper and to talk about how the people inside the picture feel wearing these clothes and why they are in this situation...

I think the cambridge people did a very good job creating this fabulous exercise, it is very close to reality. When I'm walking around the street I always look around comparing and contrasting people, things and situations (in English / with linking words of course...).

And because I love this exercise that much I will do an  example to show you how it works:

"In the picture in the middle of the top row I can see a chicken, whereas I can also see some chicks in the bottom row on the right.

I think in the first picture this person is in this situation because he just likes to wear conspicuous clothes. I guess on other days he is dressed as a guinea pig or a elephant seal. Not like the girl in the middle of the second picture. I think it's her job to wear nice dresses, look good and to be quiet.

I suppose the person in the first picture feels very free, because he is protected by his costume and so he can do wathever he wants to do without being recognized.

In both pictures they are waiting for something. In the first picture the person is waiting for a bus, whereas I'm not sure if he will be allowed to get in, because chickens often are not tolerated by the general public, unlike chicks.... bla bla bla bla..."

The speaking part is sooo boring... but I'm happy, we do this, because otherwise I wouldn't have something to write hereLaughing.

The weather isn't nice here at the moment. It's still winter and it's raining a little from time to time, due to this we cannot go to the beach and are very tired.... nevertheless I shouldn't complain... Smile.

Hey did you know, that you can write "honolulu" on the keyboard by using only the right hand? I found it out right nowCool. And I want to share my cognitionsSmile.

Share the hula & hang looseCool!

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