Fortunately it wasn't very hard today at school. I had no motivation and was lazy.
After some exercise we had the choice between doing more exercises or watching a film. It was very difficult to decide...Innocent.

We elected to watch "Back to the future". (Stefan's money...)

In the evening Eva came back and told me that there is a big festival near to the Waikiki beach. We decided to go there, altough we had to get up early tomorow...

It was a football festival...Smile.

There were a lot bands which put the audience into good humour... party moodCool.

Everything was about football...

Is the "partner-look" not prohibited by law? .... it should be!Smile

Real american cheerleaders from different football teams... was nice to see them... I have never seen this before, just in moviesSmile.

The police were there more as decoration then for anything else... nice decorationSmile... uniform... It seems that I sometimes am also just a woman... Cool.

The festival finished around 11 pm. I heard somewhere that in the "Zanzabar Club" is a big party tonight... at first I wanted to go there, but it would be better to sleep because we have to get up very early tomorow... around 5.30 am.

I want to be fit for the Maui trip!  <-- Hey - this rhymesSmile. And everything that rhymes is good! (quote Pumukl)

After the Kaua'i trip I have high expectations to Maui - Maybe too highSmile

I'll keep you informedCool.