Fotunatelly the weather was better today.

Today was my "looking & walking day". I was walking around the street and looking at the other people and the happening around Waikiki. It was interessting... It was like at the main station of Zurich --> watching people with Andrea...Smile just on the other side of the world, without Andrea and in at least 20 degree more. HAHA!
And the most conspicuous difference: The people are less stressed, a lot more contented and just happier - more smiling faces.

Zürich:  FrownMoney mouthSurprisedCry

Hawaii: SmileLaughingCoolKiss

Because it was so nice today I could go to the beach after school.
I have to get browner. At the moment my hair is the only part of my body that gets browner and this is really not in my interests! Smile

After the visit to the beach, I went directly back to the school to take my hula lession. On my way there I was looking again at the people and suddenly I heard this strange ,very unhawaiian sound in my ears. There was a man playing the bagpipe in a park next to the street. Can you believe this?

And the most alarming fact is that nothing more exciting happened today to publish on my homepage...

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