The weather is sooooo nice at the moment. Now we can go to the beach every day againCool.

When we came back from the beach we switched on the tv and saw the news.
Anna Nicole Smith died or was murdered? Everything on tv today was about this. And this animated me to think about news and my relation to the news at the moment. And I found out that I really have no idea whats going on in the rest of the world.
Everything is really far away! No "20 Minuten" in the morning... Smile.  I think on holiday it is always a little like this, you don't take notice of the happenings in the world and in your own country.

I remember I had similar thoughts when I was on top of the volcano last weekend in Maui. Little islands surrounded by oodles of water. In the middle of nowhere. Far away from everything.

Protection or prison?

For me it is protection, protection from every thing that stops me from enjoying life. I like to consider my life and all the events and people in it with this distance. It's easier to discern the important things from the unimportant...

But now I have to admit that I'm a little curious about the events in Switzerland...Embarassed Do we have a king now? Do we finally have access to the sea (I'll not return before this!)? Is the 30 hour work week now established? What about the awareness level of the sport "Fall Ball"? Is the age of retierment now reduced to....hmm... let's say 25? Are we in the EU now? Do women still have rights?

I'll check it on the internet (hey Ellen - I used the right preposition...Smile).


Why didn't anybody tell me that Sulzer got a "big order" from Katar? (And where or who is Katar?) And why I got no information about the further course of the gang of Seebach? And why don't I know anything about the new Mister Switzerland candidates?

Just one answer: because I don't careSmile.

In this spirit - have a nice day!

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