Today I found out that headaches are not affected by local conditions, there must be a global influence!

Because my teacher and my mother both had a bad headache today (I once want to have a good headache...) and this brought me to this general statement.
The fact that both people are in contact with me should not be implicated with their headache!

In school we all were a little shiftless and we couldn't give our maximum, although we wanted to give it of course... hehe...Cool. Marlene was sleeping (or listening - as she would say...) most of the time and Stefan and I were also more physicaly there then in any other form. But it's nice when everybody feels bad, because so we can pity each otherSmile.

After school we went to the beach of course - until the clouds began to hide the sun:

After that I went home and did all my homework (I have to write this - because my teacher is going to read this...Smile)

And I also phoned to my flight company again, to ask if everything is alright with my flight changes. And first, of course, I asked if he can speak in German because it's easier to explain my request... (once I chaught there a man who spoke Swiss GermanSmile) and his answer was very sweet, he said that he just can say a few words and then he begun (without being asked) to list every word and sentence he knows in German. It was really funny and I was very happy, because last time I had to speak to a very unfriendly woman who had no patience for my imperfect English.
With the man today I really had no problems to speak in English --> juhuuSmile.

(It was a real conversation and not like "you have now 1 minute to speak about your request... starting now." Smile)