O.K I try to stop my strange entries in my diary...Smile

School was as nice as school can be... we learned a lot! We become more and more "the cambridge test robots" that we have to be for this test. Don't think, don't ask why, say what they want to hear and do what they want you to do (and no - this shouldn't remember you your wife!)

The test is comming closer and closer... just 13 school days left!!!

Hey it's weekend, I should stop thinking about school. *stop*. The next weekend will be veeeeeeery exciting! We are going to go to Big Island (this is the biggest and also youngest Island of Hawai'i).

Mondey school is off because it's President's day. (Ellen didn't believe me, that we have the same in Switzerland for all our "presidents" - 7 days off on the beginning of March and it doesn't matter in which country we are... ).
So we have 3 days to explore the Big Island... Well, we won't explore it on our own, becaus we are going to go there with the school... Maybe it's better, because this island is really very big and we shouldn't drive spontaneously around, the trip should be planed.

We are over 20 students from the school. And everyone who would give the attribut "young" to a student would be surprised, because there is one student from Switzerland who is around 50 years old, a woman. And her laugh is not less then 3 octaves higher then her speaking, whereas her speaking could be 2 octaves deeper and it wonn't be more masculine... Have you understood? I havn't either... It's for me also very hard to understand my English...

Where was I? Well I'm looking forward to going to the Big Island... Here is another promise that you will find on my homepage, a lot of nice pictures and (hopefully) an interessting report about my journey, as soon as I'm back in Honolulu (or" Onolülü" like Jessica would say...)... Smile.

And here are some practical English tips for your everyday life:

In English they say "brown-noser" or "ass-kisser" to someone who does everything for the boss or something like that... A kind of a "Schleimer" or a "Arschkriecher" - like we would say. And this brings me to the question: "Why do we have to go inside with our whole body and not just with the nose?"

Something that we taught to ellen was "to be a Susi". And we translated this expression with "to be an anxious bunny" Smile. Yes, she was confused... They would say a coward or chicken... (how creative...) ahh no, they have an expression: "fraidy-cat".


"Angsthase" versus "Chicken"

Nice weekend to everybody Smile!