South Point (the most southern point in the United States)

Yes on Big Island there is the most southern point in the United States!
More in the south then Florida (Haha - Ann & GeorgeSmile). 

Panalu'u Black Sand Beach Park

And for me of course again a highlight: The black sand beach. I have not enough words to explain what feelings this kind of beach let me feel... It's really amazing there... Actually, this black sand beach was a little bit nicer then the one in Maui, because it was bigger AND...

... because there were turtles!!! Again something I have never seen before. On saturday I said to Sandy that I don't want to leave Hawai'i without seing a turtle and she promised me, that I will see them... thank you Sandy! It was a fascinating experiance! And this sleeping turtle was not the only one on this beach... There were countless turtles just next to the beach... I could see them in the water...

Volcano Winery

I don't have any knowledge about wine, but here we could try it for free and it was niceSmile. I wanted to buy some wine for my father, but they told me, that I can't send it to Switzerland and I don't want to have the wine in my suitcase for 3 months... so sorry Hanspi - hope you understandSmile.

Hawaii Volcanos National Park

I am very fascinated by the volcanos and their history... On the Big Island is the biggest active volcano: Mauna Kea.
On the Big Island is also an other Volcano, the Kilauea. It is a drive-in volcano. You can drive to the top and inside the volcano. And it is everywhere smoke there. You can see that this volcano is activ - you feel it!

And suddenly appeared inside the volcano a colourfull rainbow. It was an incredible view... I don't remember when I have seen a rainbow for the last time... do you?

In the late afternoon we drove on a street throw a landscape existing of lava stone. Everywhere lava. We drove on this street and the street ended in a place where the lava stone covered the street. Sandy told me that there was a whole city where the lava stone is now. And because the Hawaiien's believe in the legend of Madam Pele, they don't try to recreate the city. They live very much with the nature, so they think Madam Pele was angry about something and they respect that she doesn't want to have a city there... very impressive story!

We stayed in this lava place until the sunset and then we could see the fluent lava from very far away... We couldn't go nearer . There were some guards who kept the tourists away from the lava.

But it was also from this distance very staggering...

Pictures from sunday

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