And today again a wunderfull rainbow... It seems that it is now my everyday attendantSmile.

In school we have done a game. In Switzerland we would say "Montagsmaler" but this word doesn't exist in English... Let's say a "drawing and guessing game"...
But first let's find out why we say "Monday Painter"  this game? I found out that there was a TV Show called "Die Montagsmaler", with Frank Elstner as the moderator, where exactly this game was played (long before my time... 70th and 80th...Smile). I guess that this show was always on Monday on TV?

However, here are our works of art (solution under the picture):


Come on, thats an easy one: Mona Lisa

When did you  play this the last time? Frisbee

"Eine Seefahrt die ist lustig - eine Seefart die ist schön - ja da kann man die Matrosen an der Reling kotzen sehn" Pfadi lässt grüssen: sea sick

It's Dumbo and nothing else!

flying fish

No - this is not a circus actor, it's just balance.

Another easy one: Religion.

And here is the story: Last week went another Swiss girl to ICC . Ellen now teachs her private lesions in the afternoon. We saw this girl last week and she is really strange. She is very pretty with curly hair but what she is talking about is really very confusing. She told us that she finally found her way to god 2 years ago. And now god tells her everything she has to do. She is also in a missionary school here and she wants to change the religion of everyone here. I really respect her religion and its her thing what she believes and what she wants to do with her life. But I can not accept people who say that their religion is the only right religion and all the others are wrong, and she said exactly this! I don't think that any god wants that we have less respect for other opinions or beliefs. Belief is a personal desicion, it's my desicion! Everybody wants that the others take them the way thay find them, so we take her the way she is but I expect that she do this the same way... Her words were very provocative!

We coudn't find out this picture on time. Do you? The solution is not very far away, it's close.

My favorite pictures. Don't think too far. It's toothpaste. No idea why...

Hehe... it's window cleaner and from time to time we can see some of them in front of our window, but they are not as nice as expected...

On the left part of the picture you can see the thing and on the right part of the picture you see the effort to paint how the word is created. It's fly sick bag.

Dentist Smile.

spaghetti?....zebra?....line code?...string code? code!

Hope you could imagine my fun in school todaySmile.

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