Do you want to know what's going on in the room next door?

I couldn't refrain my curiosity...  Now I know!

... poor Nico - Phil plays a lullaby and expects the students to stay awake...Smile

No I have to put this in perspective (otherwise I will be asked tomorrow to do it... (passive sentenceCool) ), Phil played the guitar during  the lunch break and his song was everything else but a lullaby! He plays and sings... hmm... which adjective could I use to descripe this? It's simply "wow" ... there is no other word.

Because I started with putting things in perspective I don't want to stop : Nico was really sleeping in the classroom, it's not hard to take a picture of him like I did... awake would be more difficult...

And then here is an addition to yesterday's entry: Of course was this "painting and guessing game" was to enlarge our vocabulary! It was not just for fun, we never have fun in classroom, we are always studying.  And frankly, words like pirate, frisbee, Mona Lisa, Dumbo and religion I have never heard beforeSmile.  

I have a question: I have been here for 47 days now and there is a rumor circulating that Peugeot does not exist anymore...  Who can confirm this? Cool

In the evening Eva and I took  "Line Dance" lesions. It was very nice and the dance is quite easy....Smile. We were just 3 students and one teacher (as usual for me...Laughing). Eva had to wear these nice clothes... unfortunately the teacher had just one dress ....Cool.
Next Tuesday we will go with the Line Dance teacher to a "Line Dance" show and we will also have the chance to dance there . The teacher said that she is very happy that we are interested in this origninal american style of dancingSmile.... 

Marco: If you ever decide to marry again, I could do the "Line Dance" part nowSmile.