In school we did some practice tests. The teacher of the FCE class was ill and therefore our teacher had to attend both classes... it was a stressfull day for her... not for us: we had a lot of time to wait between the several speaking exercises...

I'm very happy that it is the weekend now, the last 3 weekends we always had to get up at 5 am on Saturday because we traveled to the other islands... And during the school week I always have to get up around 6.15 am. I'm looking forward to having a good night's rest...!

Tomorrow we will go to Pearl Harbor (next try) to see the Arizona Memorial... And on Sunday - juhuu - we will finally go dive with the sharksSmile.  (@JJ - I'll go with you again in San Diego - if I don't get bittenSmile).

At the moment I'm thinking a lot about my next step, going back to the mainland. On the one hand I'm looking forward to all the experiences I'll have there and of course to see Claudia (<-- JJ) on the other hand, I really don't want to leave my paradise Cry.

It's already two weeks!!! And it's very stressfull because my final exams are at the (fr) 9th and the (sa) 10th of March and my flight back to the mainland is on 11th of March at 7 am! I will not have the chance to sleep between celebrating and departing Laughing. And when should I pack my luggage? Is there enough space for all my things (and all my new thingsSmile)? Will I find my way in Los Angeles? Will Claudia's plane be on time? Will my plane be on time? What about my chances of survival in a city that is 10 degrees less then here? Will it be a problem to activate my second visa after I am in Tijuana (Mexico)? Is there a possibility to keep my bronze skin color Laughing?

Yes I'm a little bit excited, but I should not think too much - because every little thing is gonna be alright ... *sing* Cool.

PS: I'm not sure if I already wrote about the fact that I will meet Claudia in San Diego? Little explanation: Actually, I wanted to stay for 2 more weeks in Hawai'i after my final exams, but during my stay here Claudia decided to go to San Diego to a language school. Her course starts at the end of March (right?) and she is coming two weeks before her school starts, to spend time with me there. It was never my plan to go to San Diego. Nice surpriseSmile.
I never thought that I would see her again so soon. Are there any others who want to visit me Smile? Maybe May in Florida at my aunt's house? (no joke)Cool.

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